Nose Test Runner for Django

Update: you can now find django-nose on pypi and github with much better documentation.

I am not a big fan of Python’s unittest library. The Java-inspired API and the difficulty of running tests are too much for me to deal with. That’s why I love nose: I can use regular asserts (or the Pythonic helpers in and running all my tests is as simple as calling nosetests from the command line. On top of that, nose also supports cool plugins like generating coverage reports and running tests interactively, test fixtures at any granularity level, and simple selection of tests to run, making me a happy tester.

Which is why I wrote a custom test runner as soon as I started working on basie. Django provides its own test runner framework, but it’s far less advanced than nose.

I haven’t packaged it up for PyPI yet, but you can download from our repository. Here’s the documentation:

Django test runner that invokes nose.

    ./ test DJANGO_ARGS -- NOSE_ARGS

The 'test' argument, and any other args before '--', will not be passed to
nose, allowing django args and nose args to coexist.

You can use

    NOSE_ARGS = ['list', 'of', 'args']

in for arguments that you always want passed to nose.